Tools to effectively engage with key stakeholders to overcome challenges and drive transformation in business

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, effective stakeholder engagement is the linchpin to overcoming challenges and igniting transformative change within organizations. Join us for a dynamic and insightful webinar, “Unlocking Success: Tools for Engaging Key Stakeholders and Driving Business Transformation,” where we will explore the essential tools and strategies that empower businesses to thrive in an ever-changing world.

1st Day

1st Session: Fast Forward Ideas: In today’s fast-paced business world, the ability to present your innovation concisely and convincingly in just two minutes can be the difference between success and obscurity. Join us for an engaging and practical webinar, “Mastering the Art of the 2-Minute Innovation Pitch,” where you will learn the skills and techniques to captivate your audience, secure buy-in, and propel your innovation to new heights.

2nd Session: The role of AI in marketing and other tools to enhance engagment with the stakeholders: In the digital age, businesses are leveraging cutting-edge technologies to not only enhance their marketing efforts but also to engage with stakeholders more effectively than ever before. Join us for an illuminating webinar, “Revolutionizing Engagement: AI and Advanced Tools in Stakeholder-Centric Marketing,” where we will explore the pivotal role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other innovative tools in shaping the future of marketing and stakeholder interaction.

2nd Day

Environmentally oriended funding opportunities: As our world faces pressing environmental challenges, funding opportunities dedicated to sustainable and eco-friendly initiatives are on the rise. Join us for an enlightening webinar, “Green Investments: Navigating Environmentally Oriented Funding Opportunities,” where we will explore the various avenues and resources available for individuals, businesses, and organizations looking to make a positive impact on the environment while securing financial support.

Learning outcomes:

Upon successful completion of the course:

1st Session:

  • Importance of Conciseness: Attendees will understand why delivering a concise and compelling innovation pitch is crucial in today’s fast-paced world.
  • Pitch Structure: Participants will learn a structured framework for crafting a powerful 2-minute innovation pitch.
  • Effective Storytelling: Attendees will discover how to incorporate storytelling techniques to make their pitches more engaging and memorable.
  • Visual Communication: Participants will explore the role of visuals and slides in enhancing the impact of their innovation pitches.
  • Handling Questions: Attendees will gain skills in responding to questions and feedback effectively during and after the pitch.

2nd Session:

  • AI in Marketing: Participants will develop a comprehensive understanding of how AI is revolutionizing marketing strategies.
  • Stakeholder-Centric Approach: Attendees will learn how to adopt a stakeholder-centric approach in marketing and use AI to enhance stakeholder engagement.

3rd Session:

  • Green Funding Landscape: Attendees will develop an awareness of the various funding opportunities available for environmentally oriented projects.
  • Government Initiatives: Participants will learn about government incentives and grants for green initiatives.
  • Grants and Foundations: Participants will gain insights into securing grants and support from environmental foundations and non-profit organizations.
  • Sustainable Finance Tools: Attendees will explore financial instruments like green bonds and sustainability-linked loans.
  • Application and Proposal Skills: Participants will learn how to navigate application processes and increase their chances of securing funding for environmental projects.