T5.1.29 Circular Economy, Sustainability and Resource Efficiency

The training course aimed to introduce the basic concepts of sustainability, circular economy and resource efficiency, under the UNESCO teaching guidance that learning about sustainability awareness empowers people and enables them to make informed decisions that can lead to transformative actions. a theoretical and practical approach with a real-life experience of sdg localization in a mining region and indications on how to create these reports. 

This educational activity was designed as a condensed workshop class (two days in December 2022) plus a week’s time for participants to complete an online questionnaire. 

  • Participants will understand the definitions of sustainable, sustainability and sustainable development, an overview of the evolution of what we know as sustainability, UNESCO and SDGs as the goals to be achieved by Humanity. 
  • Participants will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the SGD; the circular economy policy and the need to be resource efficient. 
  • Participants will identify, understand and recognize good practices related to SDGs decision making, especially after case studies and visualizing practical activities. 
  • Participants will be able to answer questions on fundamental concepts of the topic (open questionnaire one week).