T5.1.13 Externalization of the operation technology

The course is organized by HEI4S3-RM project consortium and is focused on exploring and presenting the subject to appeal to a broader audience. So, the focus is to simplify the subject on a practical level to boost its relevance to managerial decision- making and for students of the subject. Therefore, students will gain strategic tools, concepts and perspectives that will help them develop a strategic insight on Industry 4.0 as new digital technologies transforming industries and existing business processes. They will learn how disruptive technologies such as, the ‘Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data analytics, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain technology, cyber securities’ are transforming all business processes. Also, the growth of technologies is impacting industrial transformation from digital to smart Cyber-Physical Systems where IoT, along with other ICTs, plays a vital role. The course will highlight connectivity and interoperability in data movement, the nature of data and the adoption of industry 4.0. The course will also cover the power of IoT and smart devices to generate massive data with the advancement of 5G technology. It will also address IoT as a game-changer and the effects of IoT data in the new data economy, and its emergent challenges. From a business and organization perspective, the course will also look into the value of data is defined by how intelligence from data is converted into business value. In addition, course will also explore IoT and Artificial Intelligence as a game-changer as it impacts the scale and scope of data generation and the level of intelligence that can be exploited from data.  likewise, how IoT and Artificial Intelligence redefines trust, transparency, privacy, data ownership and monetization in a future where Machine Learning and IoT dominates. 

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will know the next concepts: 

  • Trends in connectivity 
  • Connectivity and consumer driven internet: New insights 
  • Types of IoT: IOT Smart Devices 
  • Connectivity and the emergence of IoT data 
  • IoT data: The birth of a new data economy 
  • AI and its value creation powers and its key challenges  
  • The economy of digital data 
  • Data-centric business models 
  • Data as power and competitive advantages 
  • Trends in the Global Digital Economy is driven by Trends in Data 
  • The data economy: The emergence and the role of the data 
  • Digital data and digital platforms 
  • Security and privacy challenges and digital trust