Risk management in post-mining and mining legacies

Learning outcomes

The workshop highlights the importance of understand procedures and risks in mine closure, post-mining and mining legacies based on the real experience Germany, where subsidized coal mining has ended, and affects every type of raw material extraction. Safeguarding and rehabilitation measures are needed to manage the risks at former mine sites. The development of follow-up uses opens up sustainable future prospects for the affected regions.  

This educational activity was designed as a condensed workshop class (two days in November 2022) plus a week’s time for participants to complete an online written examination.  

  • The participants will get acquainted with relevant terms and definitions as well as with environmental issues of mining and mine closure (covered on the first day of the workshop).  
  • Learn how to do mine closure and post-mining planning, understand the implementation of mine closure planning in the mine life cycle.  
  • Understand risks and uncertainties in mine closure and post-mining and how to deal with them (covered on the second day of the workshop).