Market study and future business opportunities of the Raw Material industry

Today’s standard of living requires an ever-increasing amount of raw materials to manufacture the goods the society needs. In addition, the depletion of mineral deposits is leading to a shortage of raw materials, especially metals that are important to industries, such as the automotive and electronic components industries. Transforming these challenges into opportunities requires a high dose of exploration. In this context, market studies can be an essential tool for detecting and assessing these business opportunities in the search for the recombination of new technologies with previous products and business models.

On the other hand, experimentation with new product features or processes is a line of action commonly used by entrepreneurs seeking to learn from mistakes. For these trial-and-error processes to be useful, a proper method for collecting data, analysing data and interpreting information is needed.

This course enables participants to understand how market studies help entrepreneurs succeed, especially in dynamic business environments as well as how to manage different types of information as an important tool for innovation.

The course outline is presented below:
Design of a market study in the raw material industry

  • Methods for collecting and analyzing information for decision-making
  • Design of a descriptive market study: the survey
  • Causal market studies: experimental designs
  • Types of market studies reports

Business opportunities in the raw material industry

  • Concept of raw material, importance and types
  • Business opportunities in economic sectors: agriculture, energy, mining, chemicals and forestry
  • Strategies for risk assessments, how to approach them
  • Market trends and future opportunities
  • Case study

Learning outcomes:
Upon successful completion of the course, learners will be familiar with:
• The value of information to detect business opportunities in the raw material industry.
• How commodities, from agriculture to mining, offer a wide range of opportunities in the global business arena.
• How new opportunities drive raw material industry and fuel global economy growth.
• To understand how to design a market study coherent with the business strategy.
• How to apply market studies based both in qualitative and quantitative research.
• How to present the results of a market study.