Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship at HEI – Good Practices for IP and Patenting Management

Higher Education Institutions in Europe has a purpose to develop and implement entrepreneurial education as a direct measure to advance competitiveness of European industries through student’s entrepreneurial competence development and venture creating capabilities. Therefore, Higher Education Institutions had to build the capacity and structures to deliver entrepreneurship education based on the needs and challenges of working life. 

The course is designed to offer participants knowledge on the principles and dynamics of entrepreneurial education in HEIs. Also, best practice cases provided will stand as benchmarks and will offer participants practical insights to good practices that can be used to motivate improvement entrepreneurial education in a Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs). 

The course is designed and implemented by four HEI4S3-RM members institution and the key focused is to provide a unified overview of educational entrepreneurial practices and structures in European HEIs. The benchmark cases reflects that purpose. 

Selected best practices from 1-3 partner countries  

  • Lapland University of Applied Sciences – Finland 

Entrepreneurial education In Finnish UAS: Policy and practices 

  • Tallinn University of Technology – TalTech – Estonia 

Entrepreneurial education in Estonian HEIs: Policy and practices 

  • International Hellenic University (IHU) in GREECE 

Entrepreneurial education In Greece HEIs: Policy and practices 

Methodology and activities: Theoretical presentations, practical application activities and advice by the Professor. 

Learning outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of this part of the course, participants will know these concepts: 

Lapland – Finland 

  • The Role of Higher Intuitions of Learning In Fostering Entrepreneurship education in Finland  
  • Entrepreneurial HEIs  
  • Teachers‟ Entrepreneurial Competencies  
  • Pedagogical approaches 
  • Adventurer based 
  • collaborative learning and collaborative knowledge production 
  • Student’s Personal growth and start-ups (venture creation) 
  • R&DI Integration in developing student’s entrepreneurial competences 

Tallinn University of Technology – TalTech – Estonia 

  • student’s Personal growth and startups (venture creation)  
  • Entrepreneurial learning environments  
  • Startup Ecosystems 
  • Circular economy  
  • Startup competition  

International Hellenic University (IHU) – Greece  

  • Business incubation/business plan development  
  • Labs 
  • Testbeds  
  • Commercialization 
  • Start-up Ecosystems 
  • New technologies: technology integration, digitalization, transition to smart materials 
  • Circular economy 
  • Start-up competition 
  • IP practices and Patent Management