Exploring Water Resilience: Green Week 2024 Event “BE WATER our friends”

As part of the EIT HEI Initiative, the Final Conference of the HEI4S3-RM project at the University of Huelva “BE WATER our friends!” is a response to the current challenges around water resilience in post-mining regions. The main objective of the HEI4S3-RM project was to strengthen the innovation capacity building process in Europe, striving for long-term sustainable development using the idea of circular economy to modernize raw materials and extractive sectors. “Be WATER our friends!” builds on this purpose to co-create in search of ideas on water resilience for different audiences and from different perspectives.

The Course outline is structured into three distinct sessions:

  • Session I: Water Resilient Mining Industries
  • Session II: Water Resilient Cities
  • Session III: Water Resilient Global Citizens.

Each of these sessions will consist of 8-minute “power speeches”. This solution will appeal to both in-person attendees and online listeners. Our audience will consist of members of the HEI4S3-RM project consortium, including full partners and associated partners. They are academics, students, entrepreneurs, representatives of non-governmental organizations, managers of companies and public and private institutions involved in mining and post-mining activities. Each speech will be prepared by representatives selected from the various Talent Labs, or learning spaces dedicated to innovation and entrepreneurship, of the HEI4S3-RM project consortium.

Learning outcomes:
Over the participation in the event, attendees will gain understandings into the following:

  • Presentation of best practices on water resilience technology and management solutions for industries, cities and global citizens.
  • Demonstration of the practical application of new tools for water resilience
  • Deepening of networking within the consortium involved in the HEI4S3-RM project
  • Replication of the effects of the HEI4S3-RM project
  • Building the impact of the project on the Green Week environment.