Creation of start-ups and businesses planning

Participants attending the course are expected to learn the principles and strategies for managing the creation of new business. Also, special attention will be paid to the social and ethical logic behind business success stories (in contrast to cases of failure driven solely by short-term profits) and the challenges of the entrepreneurial process involved in evaluating a business idea. Digital entrepreneurship will be covered and it will offer participants insights on how to exploit and leverage digital technologies to create and sell products or services, create new business models, reach customers in new ways, and improve efficiency and profitability of a business. 

In addition, they will learn how to identify and evaluate potential business opportunities, and how to make informed decisions about which opportunities to pursue. 

Learning outcomes: 

Upon successful completion of the course, learners will know the next concepts: 

  • Effects and Causes  
  • Innovation-based entrepreneurship 
  • Social entrepreneurship 
  • Sustainable entrepreneurship 
  • Primary-market research 
  • entrepreneurial mindset 
  • Business model design 
  • Digital business Design and start-up 
  • Lean start-up