Circular Economy, Sustainability, and Resource Efficiency

This activity aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of sustainable mining practices, focusing on various aspects of responsible resource supply

  • First day: Resource efficiency and responsible sourcing for the energy transition. The critical importance of mine waste.
  • Second day: Towards smart and non-invasive environmental risk monitoring tools in the mining industry

Learning outcomes:

  • Definitions of Sustainable Mining Practices: Participants will learn the fundamental concepts and principles of sustainable mining, including environmental, social, and economic considerations.
  • Circular Economy of Mining Life Cycle: The activity will cover the concept of a circular economy within the mining industry, emphasizing the responsible management of resources throughout the entire mining life cycle.
  • Critical Raw Materials and Rare Earth Elements (REEs) for Sustainable Energy Transition: Participants will gain insights into the significance of critical raw materials and REEs in supporting the global transition towards sustainable energy sources.
  • Mine Waste Management: The activity will highlight the critical importance of managing mine waste and introduce participants to multi-scale sensor technology for characterizing and monitoring waste materials. Practical case studies will be used to illustrate these concepts.
  • Environmental Risk Assessments: Participants will understand monitoring routines for assessing environmental risks associated with mining activities. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be discussed as tools for ongoing monitoring and management of mining areas.